You can access your current progress grades, in addition to other information, by logging into PASS (Parental Access Support System). For my class, I try to keep grades as up to date as possible and often post new grades to the PASS system several times per week.  A hard copy of grades is posted  weekly in my classroom as well.

Accessing Grades With P.A.S.S


1.    Go to the Mingus website (

2.    Click on the red "PASS" button on the left hand

side of the home page.

3.    Enter Student ID# and Pin# (See your teacher or counselor

for this information)

4.    Select an information link to view:
    a.    Attendance – This shows the student’s attendance

for the current reporting period.

    b.    Current Marks – This shows this year’s REPORT CARD


    c.    Mark History – This shows report card grades for the

past three years if available.

    d.    Schedule/Progress – This shows this year’s teachers

and allows you to check current progress updates that

have been posted. (**This is where you want to go

to see current grades

in your classes.**)
        i.    Click on “Progress” to see current progress

in each class (Note: the grade that is shown where all

classes are listed is the last GRADE CHECK grade...

You must click on the "Progress" link for each individual

class to see the latest grades as they may differ from the

last Grade Check.)
        ii.    If the teacher has not posted to PASS, an

error page will appear

** If you scroll to the bottom of the progress/grades

screen for each class, there is a time and date stamp

that will show when

the teacher last updated their PASS postings.

    e.    Test History – This shows the student’s scores on

all standardized tests that are available

    f.    Vaccinations – This shows the student’s vaccination

record on file (and whether vaccinations are due)

    g.    Calendar – This shows the school attendance calendar.

    h.    Messages – This shows important messages from the

school, if any.