Technical Theatre Letter

Courses:  Technical Theatre 1, 2, 3, 4

Instructor:  Mr. Neugebauer   

School year 2018-2019

Brief explanation, expectations and grading breakdown


Dear parents and students,


Welcome to the Technical Theatre program at Mingus Union High School!  My name is Jeff Neugebauer and this is the fifth year Mingus has included Technical Theatre in its curriculum.

Technical Theatre is everything associated in theatre except singing, dancing and acting.  With that said, this Career and Technical Education (CTE) course will cover scenery, lighting, rigging, sound, properties, costuming, and directing as it pertains to stage productions.  Our curriculum is a hands on learning experience.  The shows that are produced at Mingus are staged by the Technical Theatre department.

Technical Theatre is a two year training course that is funded by our local Joint Technical District (VACTE).  Students completing the two year course will be assessed by the State Department of Education. 

Students will be expected to perform at high levels in these classes.  Every student is an integral part of the whole learning experience.  Theatre is one of the most collaborative learning/work experiences that I have been involved in.  Each department needs to be in touch with one another on a daily basics.  The class seizes this year are very large and will take a small restructuring of the way I teach. 

Students are responsible to keep a daily log.  This will enable the student to accomplish several things: improve writing skills, interpret what they are learning in a different way, be able to justify what they have observed/learned, and submit their learning to the instructor for grading.  Daily logs will be kept in one single composition book for the entire year.  Included in their daily reflection will also include bell work and lecture notes.  These will be graded weekly.

 I am requiring all students to supply their own safety glasses.  This program is filled with experiences that require the use of safety glasses.  The student’s safety is the number one priority of mine.  This is not only required by me, but also the state and OSHA.  Students unable to buy safety glasses will need to communicate with me.

The grading breakdown for these classes will be:

  1.  Weekly logs, Labs, Class work  20%
  2. Student Engagement  40%
  3. Tests/Quizzes, 10%
  4. Attendance at every major theatre performance 10%  Please note: students unable to afford tickets can provide service hours to the theatre department.
  5. Final exam  20%


Thank you for the support and I look forward to working with you this year!

Jeff Neugebauer