Technical Theatre Syllabus

 Technical Theater 1

? Syllabus

Mr. Jeff Neugebauer                                     Office Hours:

928-634-7531ext1143                                     Daily: 8:00 to 8:30, 3:30 to 4:00



Course Objectives:

To instruct students the safe practices used in Theatre and Industry

To directly involve students in the technical production of the Drama Department's productions.

To teach students the specialized vocabulary of technical theatre.

To gain a practical approach to problem solving, leadership and working in a collaborative environment.

This class will emphasis the “Hands On” approach to learning.


Introduction to Theater, Safety, Scenery, Costume and Properties Construction, Rigging, Sound, Stage Practices, Scenic Painting, Theatre Vocabulary  Textbook:  "Technical Theatre for Nontechnical People"

Progress/Academic Responsibility:

Grades will be updated online in the P.A.S.S. system once a week. Progress reports will be sent home every three weeks and must be signed by a parent and returned to class for credit. If you have questions or wish to discuss your student’s progress I am available during office hours, by appointment and email, Please do not hesitate to contact me.


100 to 97:A+               96 to 94:A                    93 to 90:A-

89 to 87:B+                  86 to 84:B                    83 to 80:B-

79 to 77:C+                 76 to 74:C                    73 to 70:C-

69 to 67:D+                 66 to 64:D                    63 to 60:D-

59 or below: F

Semester Grading:

  • Class work, Labs, Log Books  20%
  • Student Engagement  40%
  • Tests/Quizzes, 10%                
  • Final                                                    20%
  • Performance Attendance*                  10%

*Students are responsible to attend one performance of each major production.

Class Rules:

For the optimum learning experience for your student, I ask that the following be adhered to:

·       When the class starts, be settled in your seats and do the assigned bell work.

·        Please come prepared with paper, pencil, and the appropriate books for class.

·        No eating in the classroom or gum chewing.

·        Water only in the classroom.

·        No electronic device usage unless it is sanctioned by the instructor.  Cell phones are a particular annoyance in my classroom.  Not only do these distract the student from learning, but also pose a severe safety hazard to themselves and others in the classroom.

·        Respect your peers, teacher and visitors to the classroom.

·        Please raise your hand to be recognized.

Disciplinary Progression:

·        Student/Teacher Discussions

·        Teacher/Parent Discussions

·        Referral to Administration



Special supplies needed:

            Students are required to supply their own safety glasses.  They are on sale in the bookstore for $5.00.  Many activities we do require the use of safety glasses.  Not only is it my rule, but AZ state and OSHA regulation.  If a student cannot afford safety glasses, talk to me.

Donations and extra credit:

I give extra credit for the following items:  tissues, #2 pencils, colored pencils, highlighters and  black dry erase markers.  The department will gladly receive donations in the form of tax credits.


I look forward to this year and having your student in my class!





Mr. Neugebauer

Technical Theater


I have read and understand Mr. Neugebauers’ Technical Theater Syllabus. I will take an active role in monitoring academic progress in this class. If I should have any questions or concerns at any time during the year, I will contact Mr. Neugebauer in person, or by email.  Please print your students name and your name.  In the past I have had a difficult time being able to read the names on this form.  Thank you!




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Parent Signature                                                                       Date

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Parent email                                                                              Parent Phone #




Have your student return this form to me.  It is an assignment and is worth 20 points