About Me

Jeff Neugebauer was born in New York, raised in Maryland, and attended University in North Carolina.  Receiving his degree in Design and Production, Jeff traveled extensively in America and abroad as a Stage Designer, Production Manager, and Stagehand for Opera, Theatre, Dance, and Corporate Clients.  Jeff taught at Webster University in St. Louis, Mo. for three years.  Jeff moved to the Verde Valley in 1991 where he continued be active in theater.  In 2006 he decided to teach at Camp Verde High School as a Career and Technology Educator (CTE) in Industrial Technology. Jeff, his partner  Veronica, and her three boys have lived in Clarkdale for 28 years, which upon numerous occasions he has said was the biggest reason he landed in AZ. The three boys have moved out.

Jeff s teaching experience has been and continues to be a great adventure in his life.  Passing on the experiences and expertise that he possesses in not only Industrial Technology, but also his wide range of life experiences, makes this new career with students exciting. He has never had a job that the day passes in a blink of an eye. Working with students has been challenging, thought provoking, creative and fun.  I continue to be amaxed at what the students can acheive.


Jeff enjoys teaching at Mingus Union High School.  He hopes that he impacts students' lives with the enhancement of existing programs and the creation of new programs.   Jeff feels that the "Hands On" approach in education through CTE helps a great many students understand processes that they learn in their core subjects.  He believes that comprehensive CTE programs in High School, can give students an advantage for their future choices, whether it be as a tradesman or secondary education.